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Three new tantalising and sensual serigraphs in two sizes [Petit & XL] are
encapsulated in these editions, co-released with Nelly Duff Gallery this autumn.
A serendipitous moment when thoughts of what to do with a bunch of artificial
cherries knocking about in the studio and the song “Blow“ by Beyonce plays in the
background was the initial inception for this print. There was a light-bulb moment and
I decided to Turn That Cherry Out!
So, it began my experiments in dipping the very life-like artificial cherries in various
viscosities of ink and letting the drips do their magic.
The bottom half of this serigraph is made up of a culmination of the sumptuous
drips, splashes, and blobs made during the process, lending the print its organic yet
graphic feature.
The names Ecstasy, Euphoria, and Rapture, I feel, best describe each print process,
that includes a nine-colour mono-print technique [making each one a unique
experience] and a custom mixed Red or Black high-grade glitter finish, that
encompass a given pleasurable feeling…. I hope. But I guess all pleasures and
personal right?

Available: HERE
Variations available at NELLY DUFF


TURNTHEXXXXXXOUT is one of the largest works I have printed in a long while
and it came with its own challenges like every other fine art edition does- these types
of prints can never be rushed, so with patience and a lot of care I feel that I
excecated them to the best of my abilities at the time.


THE ANTICLIMAXXXXXX was pure joy to print. Given that I had been racking large
sheets of paper (140cm long at a time, on my own) these petite versions were a
welcome break for my arms. They are the perfect edition for those who like the
artwork but are not able to or have the wall space to commit to the larger-than-life

Huge thanks to Alice Lindley for brining my vision alive with content production/still &
the moving images campaign for this release- It was a pleasure working with her.
And of course, Nelly Duff Gallery whom I released my first ever paper editions with
back in 2009. I always remember signing my first ever prints with them when I give
and I still use and have the pencil that they gave me to sign those first prints. It’s tiny
now and I sharpen with dread each time but I make sure to sign at least one new
print in the edition with it.

Call me superstitious 😉


11 layer Serigraph
Paper: Bockingford NOT 300gsm
Size: Approx.: 137cm x 77cm
Edition size: 30 [Ecstasy Varied Edition- colour combinations used are constant]
Signed from 1-30


10 Layer Serigraph
Paper: Bockingford NOT 300gsm
Size: Approx.: 29.8cm x 52cm
Edition size: 50 [ Ecstasy is a Varied Edition- colour combinations used are constant]

Out now in Aida Wilde Print SHOP & Nelly Duff Gallery
*Please note: The Ecstasy edition is varied from each outlet
Hand Printed With Love & Passion