Aida Wilde is an Iranian born, London based printmaker/visual artist and educator.  Wilde’s pre-dominately, screen printed installations and social commentary posters have been featured on city streets around the world and are responsive works on gentrification, education & equality.
Wilde’s indoor and outdoor installation work features various slogans and iconograph and ‘pop’ themed artwork. Her outdoor billboard and public art installations include, Shangri-La at Glastonbury Festival, Wood Street Walls, Adblock, Bristol’s Berg Arts Project & Croydon Rise Festival. Her HASHTAG series has been used in subversive projects with Brandalism in Paris to highlight climate change in response to the COP21 Summit, as well as the global project Subvert The City, the world’s first coordinated international ad takeover. In March 2019, she was the UK artist representative to participate in Hong Kong Walls festival with work tackling issues regarding women hood for International Women’s Month as well as a coinciding Reclamation Nation workshop with a theme surrounding Identity .

Wilde’s academic career includes, associate lecturer, course director and alumni, on the Surface Design and Foundation of Applied Arts at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts (2004 – 2015).  She is known for her curation of some of the UK’s leading street artists and is the founder of Print Is Power (2013) and Sisters in Print (2016) an evolving  collective of opinionated national and international female artists, who share the love of print and print making.

Aida’s fine art serigraphy has been exhibited internationally and her largest body of screen print editions are available from Nelly Duff Gallery, London. Her residency at the Women’s Art Library at Goldsmiths titled Empowered PrintWorks (2015) was exhibited as part of the WARM Guerrillas: Feminist Visions exhibition in Minneapolis’s Grain Belt Botteling House Gallery (2016). In recent years Wilde has continued to build on her seminal body of work exhibited in her solo show HABROS, Sheffield.  Wilde was key exhibitor & speaker at Design Gallway Ireland (2016) and more recently with the Rowdy & Wilde show (2017) at Clifton Fine Art in Bristol. Her Credit Crunch poster was acquired and exhibited in Victoria &  Albert Museums touring exhibition, A World To Win: Posters of Protest & Revolution (2014-2016).
More recently exhibiting in Vienna’s Fine Art Academy, in Dark Energy, Feminist Organizing, Working Collectively (2019) and collaborating with Help Refugees UK, CHOOSE LOVE campaign on a number of projects that have been exhibited in Somerset House and Saatchi Gallery (2019).
In 2020, Aida was commissioned acquired by the Fitzwilliam Museum to create one of her Iconic CHOOSE LOVE pieces of works that had been exhibited in the Saatchi gallery to be included for the Museums upcoming major exhibition, Currencies of Conflict  which is set to open in October 2022. (This piece of work was officially acquired by the museum in August 2021 with all proceeds donated to Choose Love/Help Refugees)

In 2020 during the London lockdown, Aida worked on the international cross culture exhibition disCONNECT which was a collaborative project with Schoeni Projects and Hong Kong Walls creating a pandemic related immersive installation which was installed in a Victorian House in London’s Clapham in June & a tenament building in Hong Kong in October.

She has also been working collaboratively with The Other Art Fair (2017-20) in both at an Artist/Project Space feature and in October 2021 Co-Curated/Presented, 20/20: A Brief Survey as part of their Featured Programming, that included 39 national & interantional artists as well as a curated featured event & workshop programming for the Other Art Fair their London fair in the Truman Brewery.

Aida has been an active artist within the Hackney Wick community where she created responsive works to the dramatic changes that are happening in the area, also curating the Lord Napier project for Hackney Wicked as well as the coinciding urban community exhibition Save Yourselves in October 2016.

Now working under the umbrella brand of “The Glorious House of Brag” which includes, aidaprints.com & aidawilde.bigcartel.com, Aida presents her designs, clothing & Screen Print editions as well as a consultancy.  Aida still continues with her facilitating role with various workshops and community projects through Print Is Power – Reclamation Nation & more currently, Sisters In Print (All female international print collective).

Please check below for full list of exhibitions, Talks & Workshops

Contact: info@aidaprints.com
Instagram: aida_wilde

Selected Exhibitions/Projects:


January-March- Dotting The I’s & Crossing The T’s at The Depot (Group Exhibition) Old Street, London
March- Auction 2021 with Terrence Higgins Trust with The Auction Collective, London
March- LEGACY for Art In Ad Places (Public Instillation) New York, USA
March- HELL HATH NO FURY, Mural, Hackney Wick/ Fish Island, London
June- If You Can’t Beat’em, Mural, Pearl Hackney Wick, London
July- Small Wonders (Group Exhibition) Well Hung Gallery, Hoxton, London
August- ‘STUCK UP’ Project (Curated Selection by Martyn Reed)  Outdoor Public Artworks for Nuart Aberdeen [Nuart festival] Aberdeen, Scotland
August- Digs at The Depot Shoreditch (Group Exhibition), Shoreditch, London
October- 20/20 A Brief Survey, The Other Art Fair-(Featured Programming) Curation/Exhibiting for The Other Art Fair LDN, Truman Brewery, London
November- Change Everything- Group Exhibition, The Depot, London

Commissions/ Acquisitions
Dream Boat II [2021] Commissioned & acquired for Permanent Collection, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Nuart Journal, Issue V: Lockdown.  Notes From A Phantom ( A Visual Essay) May 2021
The Word Is Art (Paper Back Edition) Michael Petry, Thames & Hudson 2021

September- Reclamation Nation Poster Making workshop- The Festival Of Home- Museum Of The Home, London
November- Changed Priorities Ahead: Paste-up workshop at The Depot, London
November- Radical Tea-towel screen print workshop, Museum Of The Home, London
November- The Bristol Belonging Banner Making Workshop, for Shangri-La Art/ Lost Horizon HQ, Bristol

Panel Talk: November- Change Everything at The Depot mediated by Anthony Burrill, London


April- I’M The Queen…..Skate Board Collaboration with Lucy Adams x LovenSkate
July- disCONNECT (LDN);  A ‘Locked-Down’ Artist Takeover. Schoeni Projects x Hong Kong Walls, Clapham, London
September- LOUSY MURAL with Build Hollywood (Jack Arts/Jack Agency) Curated by Olly Walker, Shoreditch, London
October- disCONNECT (HK)  A ‘Locked-Down’ Artist Takeover. Schoeni Projects x Hong Kong Walls, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
November- Changed Priorities Mural for The Depot, Old Street, London
December- Dotting The I’s & Crossing The T’s at The Depot (Group Exhibition) Old Street, London

The Street Art Manual by Bill Posters, Laurence King 2020
Pandemik Panik Room poster workshop, Hackney Wick, London- June 2020


January- Urban Creativity Lund: “Daddy I Want To Be A Street Artist When I Grow Up” Seminar: Pufendorf Institute, Lund University, Sweden
March- The Other Art Fair: Creative Giants [Analogue/Digital] Space, Exhibition, London
March- HK Walls Festival: External & Internal Installations, The Club House, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
March- Print Is Power presents Reclamation Nation Hong Kong- Poster Making Workshop, HK Walls, The Clubhouse, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
March- Dark Energy. Feminist Organizing, Working Collectively, Group Exhibition, Xe Exhibition Room of Fine Arts Vienna, Eschenbachgasse, Vienna
March- Reclamation Nation- Poster Making Workshop with the NMS Dr.Bruno Kreisky Schule, Fine Arts Academy Of Vienna, Vienna
July- Choose Love/ Help Refugees, Group Show Curated by Print Club London, Somerset House, London
July- Glastonbury Festival, Shangrila-La, Disruption Bureau, Fun With Flags Workshop & Installation
July- Still Life & White Gold, Selected Fine Art Editions, Felstead Studios, Hackney Wick, London
July- Who Are We, Group Show, Hackney Wicked DIY Open Studios, Trampery, Hackney Wick, London
August- Cash Is King 2 [Group Exhibition]  Aida Wilde For Help Refugees/Choose Love, Saatchi Gallery, London
October- British Textile Biennale, T-Shirt: Cult, Culture, Subversion, Blackburn Cathedral, Blackburn
October- This Must Be The Place,  V&A Friday Late: Panel Discussion “What is the future of creative space?”, Stour Space, London
November- A Space Is A Space; Something Written Or Recorded. Group exhibition, Instagram App

Cash Is King 2 {Money Talks} by Bob Osborne and Carrie Reichardt, 2019


January-March- OUTSIDER,  ShangrilArt x Bruton Art Factory,  Group Exhibition , Somerset, UK
February- Decolonising Feminist Art Archives (Decolonise Translation) Poster Workshop, Centre For Feminist Research, Goldsmiths University
March- The Other Art Fair LDN,  Project Space, Print Is Power X Sisters In Print (Print Workshops & Exhibition), Victoria House, London
April- Creative Economy Networks [Research, Policy & Exchange] UK>Brazil. Talk: Creative Networks Hackney Wick, London
May- Moniker Art Fair [NYC] Nelly Duff Gallery,  New York, USA
May- CRAZE, Art No Cube, Group Exhibition, Culvery City, Los Angeles , USA
May- Revolution Festival, Outdoor Art Work Installation, Timisoara, Romania
July- Art On The Postcard, The Other Art Fair, Bristol
September- My Mother’s Aspirations: Print is Power Workshop, St Werburghs, Bristol
September- Art On The Streets, Talk, London
September- LESS HOMES 4U, Rise Festival, Outdoor Installation, St Georges Walk, Croydon, London
September- My Mother’s Aspirations, Billboard Installation, Commission by AdBlock Bristol, Berg Arts Community Billboard Project, St Werburghs, Bristol
September- Dignity At Work, Print is Power Workshop, with the Union of Domestic workers, UNITE, London
October- The Word Is Art By Michael Petry, Thames & Hudson, Book
Nov-December- INTERVENTION- Group Exhibition, Hackney Creative Social Club, Dalston, London


November- OUTSIDER,  ShangrilArt x Bruton Art Factory,  Group Exhibition , Somerset, UK
October – ROWDY & WILDE, Clifton Fine Art, Bristol
October- The Other Art Fair with Shangrila (Art), London
September- HOME/Interior Show at The House Of Parakeet, BlackHeath, London
July- Left Outside Residency: Two day “Street” residency which included site specific work and Roaming trolly, Hackney Wick, London
July- Splice (Post) Three Month Artist in Resident. Installation & Prints, Shoreditch, London
June- Shangri-La, Galstonbury Festival
March- Subvert The City, (Subvertisers International) the world’s first coordinated international ad takeover & over 60 creative actions in 38 cities in 18 countries around the world.

Talks/Panel Discussions/ Workshop

November- Print Is Power (Talk) UEL Fine Art Guest Lecture Series, University Of East London, London
April- Adidas x Refinery29 Run Club- Talk (The Accidental Everything). Adidas Women’s London Studio, 152 Brick Lane, London
April- Protest Factory, Speaker/ Panel discussion (The Accidental Everything) organized by the Finnish Institute in London & The Artist Association MUU. Stour Space, London
May- The Art of Resistance- Panel discussion and workshop, Red Gallery, London
May- Workshop: Reclamation Nation, Red Gallery, London


December- Christmas Bizzare Exhibition- Well Hung Gallery, Hoxton, London
November- Weapon of Choice, Paste Up Instillation. Bite Club. Galway, Ireland
November- Design Galway ’16. Talk: The Accidental ArtiVist. Galway, Ireland
November- Design Galway ’16. Unfolding the Wilde: Solo show. Galway, Ireland
October- Co-Curration. Quality Street, outdoor instillation. Hackney Wick, London
October- Curration & Art Direction: Save YourSelves, Hackney Wick, London
October- A World to Win: Posters of Protest & Revolution. The William Morris Gallery, London
October- Bag of Tricks, Green Rooms Hotel, London
August- Dust to Dust Project: Video/Art Direction
August- Co- Curraton & Art Direction. The Burning of Homoginazation (A Hackney Wick Funeral) Hackney Wicked closing ceremony. Hackney Wick, London
July- Curration & Outdoor instillation. Lord Napier Pub: “Shit House To Pent House”. Hackney Wick, London
March- WARM Guerrillas: Feminist Visions- Grain Belt Bottling House Gallery, Minneapolis, USA


November- Brandalism Project- Paris
November- A World to Win: Posters of Protest & Revolution, Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery, UK
November- Paste Modernism- Ambush Gallery, Sydney, Australia
November-Empowered Print Works: Women’s Art Library Residency Exhibition, Goldsmiths University, London
September- A World to Win: Posters of Protest & Revolution, The National Print Museum, Dublin
January- Revolution, Wall Street Gallery, Los Angeles
January- Art Foyer Project, Get Living London, East Village E20 (Former Athletes Village)- London
January- Converse Cons x Footpatrol Zine Project- Footpatrol, Soho, London


November– Meanwhile Back In The Wick- Prompt Gallery, London
November– A world to Win: Posters of Protest & Revolution- The McManus: Art Gallery & Museum, Dundee
November– Textile Festival by Concordia Design- Poznan, Poland
October– Wawa Design Festival- Textile Show, Poland
June- HABROS- Bradbury & Blanchard, Sheffield – Solo Show
May- A World to Win: Posters of Protest & Revolution- Victoria & Albert Museum, London
May– Suburbs Of Sin- Fun Factory, London
March– Greetings from Shoreditch- Fun Factory at Donau115, Berlin
March- Hysteria at Maison Bertaux- London (Hysteria Collective- Aida, Shuby & Collagism)
February- End of The World: Emperor Yes single launch, London


December– This Is Not A Xmas Show- Fun Factory, London
December– Winter Group Show- Bradbury & Blanchard Gallery, Sheffield
November– Print is Power-Reclamation Nation- Back To The 80’s, Victoria & Albert Museum, London (Print Workshop)
October– Hysteria at the Vestibule- Instillation (with Shuby & Collagism) London
September– Over The Rainbow, Bradbury & Blanchard Gallery, Sheffield
August- VNA Issue 23- Faile Cover Release, Reed Space, New York
August- VNA Issue 23- Faile Cover Release, Lazarides, Rathbone- London
August- Roll Over Play Dead- High Roller Society, London
July– Whitecross Street Party- The Lion From Zanzibar: Outdoor Instillation, London
April– Pick Me Up: Contemporary Graphics Festival- Inaugural Flower show: Nelly Duff Gallery, Somerset House, London
March– Cosmos- Emperor Yes single launch, Top Office Machines, London


September– You Are Here- London Framing Workshop, London
June- Love Box Festival- Banger Art: Nelly Duff Gallery, London
June- Banger Art- Nelly Duff Gallery- St.Peters Est, London
May– Wild Food Kitchen- Instillation– London
March- Pick Me Up, Contemporary Graphics Festival- Nelly Duff: Zoo Somerset House, London


December– Season Ticket- High Roller Society- Shoreditch Underground Art Fair- London (Wallpaper Instillation & Group Show)
August– Hackney Wicked Art Festival- Outdoor Instillation, London


January– New Year New Danger- HighRoller Society London


December– Mutate Britain: One Foot In the Grove – Under The West Way, London
May– Line Steppers – Birmingham

For enquiries and commissions please contact: info@aidaprints.com