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Sorry All Out Of Fucks To Give Right Now

I am delighted to announce that my limited edition artist book, Sorry All Out Of Fucks To Give Right Now is finally ready to be unleashed in a launch event the on Friday 22nd March, 6.30-8.30 pm in Hackney Wick, London with support from Felstead Art.

The Gallery at The Trampery Fish Island Village
13 Rookwood Way London E3 2XT 


This book has been a real labour of love project for over the last two years and I am so grateful to have been able to collaborate with esteemed designer Claire Mason (Book design includes, See Red Womens Workshop: Feminist Posters 1974-1990  &  Caroline Coon: The Great Offender, amongst many) and Jordan Taylor from PageMasters the specialist Risograph printers in Lewisham in bringing these notes alive. 

Sorry All Out of Fucks to Give (Notes 2016-2022)
by Aida Wilde

A compilation of notes, aphorisms and assertions written between 2016-2022. These ‘bites’ of texts both surge and rush and form the foundation upon which Aida’s larger text-based works are created.

Join us for the launch of Aida Wilde’s new book Sorry All Out of Fucks to Give. The book launch will be taking place at The Trampery in Fish Island in partnership with Felstead Art. Take the opportunity to also see Felstead Art’s current exhibition The Fashioned Body, also on display at The Trampery.

Sorry All Out of Fucks to Give (Notes 2016-2022) by Aida Wilde
Published by Print is Power 2024
Edition 100
88 pages
20cm x 28cm
Riso printed
Hand Foil cover with Serigraphed end papers
Exposed binding
Limited edition serigraph poster on Purple Metallic Card
Designed by Claire Mason
Printed by Pagemasters
ISBN: 978-1-7394888-8-8

A note is a message to be passed on, if only to yourself. As close to pure thought as you can get, it lives in the moment. It comes from a political space; an action, an expulsion from inside a body full of experience culminating to this. It’s a temporal gesture, a fuck it thrown down on paper, a something full of potential. The page is the scarred body of its author; while a lifetime of kickbacks, knock downs, strife, energy, rage, determination and never backing down ceases to leave its visible mark on the author, her notes tell a different story.

– Mandi Goodier

Liberated from the burden of manifesto, this work is a testament to the fact that sheer documentation of the everyday is in itself a creative and political act. It is a rare treat and joy to see an artist’s work not limited to the final product but the many iterations, the process, the journey. In the midst of commenting on perfection and curation, this book archives inklings and ideas in their rawest forms, warts and all, sometimes funny, sometimes seething but always deeply personal. It is littered with blank pages and scant musings, unafraid to occupy and claim the space – as it should.

 Peta-Megan Dunn, Writer

Aida Wilde is an Iranian born London-based contemporary serigraph artist, educator, and social commentator. Aida is also the founder of ‘Print is Power’ and ‘Sisters in Print’ Projects.
Claire Mason is a London based graphic designer.
PageMasters are a specialist Risograph printing service based in South East London, they also host print workshops, organise zine fairs and offer design consultancy.
Jordan Taylor is a textile designer and co director of PageMasters.
Felstead Art is a gallery and advisory based in East London, supporting artists in Hackney Wick and surrounding areas