11 layer serigraph (Each print is ONE of a kind/unique splatter)
Paper: Bockingford NOT 300gsm
Size: Approx: 137cm x 77cm
Editon size: 30 [Varied Edition- colour combinations used are constant]
Signed from 1-30

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Option 1; Photo 1-3 no.10/30
Option 2; Photo 4-5 no. 12/30

Other Variations of this print are available at Nelly Duff Gallery

Three new tantalising and sensual serigraphs in two sizes [Petit & XL] are encapsulated in these editions, co-released with Nelly Duff gallery this autumn.

A serendipitous moment when thoughts of what to do with a bunch of artificial cherries knocking about in the studio and the song “Blow“ by Beyoncé plays in the background was the initial inception for this print. There was a light-bulb moment and I decided to Turn That Cherry Out!